Case Study

Delta Vacations

When Delta Vacations had the chance to partner with Delta Air Lines® via Delta’s owned marketing outlets for an entire month, we helped them maximize the opportunity with a first-of-its-kind promotion.

Pivot Point

Pivot Point

For many, air travel is a means to an end. And while Delta Air Lines often uses their owned properties to highlight the means, like First Class or in-flight Wi-Fi, we focused on the amazing end — the value and unforgettable vacation experiences you get with Delta Vacations.

Sky Magazine

Sky Magazine

With over 5 million monthly readers, and a space in every seatback pocket, we reached a captive audience across the entire Delta Air Lines fleet.

Delta Screens

We launched a national campaign in busy airport gates, Delta Sky Clubs, and even in Delta’s in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi log-in screens to encourage passengers to Escape to Anywhere.

Social Media

Passengers connected with Delta Vacations via advertising on, the Delta app, and the airline’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms.

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The campaign smashed sales results from the previous year, contributing to a 145% increase in gross revenue, 183% increase in bookings, and 165% increase in passengers year-over-year – setting records across the board for online consumer direct performance.